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Unitary & Modular Strip Seal Expansion Joints


Unitary & Modular Strip Seal Expansion Joint Systems are mechanical devices adopted fro sealing an elongated gap formed between adjacent road slab sections by providing a continuous support fro vechicles crossing the gap while allowing the desired temperature responsive movement of the road slab sections. A single or more elastomeric neoprene rubber strips are secured to the adjacent road sections on either side of the gap through heavy duty edge beams and/or centre beams under a specially designed profile. The Modular Expansion Joint has the secondary function of protecting the surrounding bridge superstructure and substructure. The strip seal is mechanically secured between the space straddling on the gap guaranteeing water tightness and also preventing ingress of debris and corrosive, which otherwise could damage the superstructure and substructure components. The planned operative movement range of the unitary joints is from 0 mm to 80 mm. Movements more than 80 mm openings (called cells).

METCO Industries is an exclusive licencee of Techstar Inc, USA for manufacturing Modular Joints in India.


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